3 thoughts on “I feel like a man

  1. It really is a pitty, that we have these strong categories in our minds about what it is to be a woman or a man. We struggle and do not achieve to accomplish our full characters. These unbreakable images in our heads. It seems they have divided our hearts and our souls and in the end it is about uniting these supposed antagonists and becoming a true human being.

  2. touched me a lot. felt shivers in my legs and spine. my nose started to itch like when you drink coca cola or when you’re about to cry. I never cry. not since I was 14. because it makes me feel weak, vulnerability. I block the crying before it comes. the itchy nose is the last symptom I have of crying. my heart feels like you’re squeezing it tightly with a tough hand. I feel very grateful for you work. thank you so much for making me understand better courage & openness, vulnerability & strength, and above all honesty. honesty with one self. with others. and how important honesty is to have really true encounters.

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