One thought on “Make up, make bread

  1. “the yearning”. I like it that you kept in the editing your direction to the camera person. It made me realize it was not something you’ve done alone. it made me curious to know who were the other people and what was your relationship to them. I wondered about this too when you’re dancing with this woman, and she is at the forest burial too. I liked the moments with your daughter as well.
    when I watched that video I thought “ha still waiting for the perfect man!”, made me surprised at my own angry/annoyed emotional response. I guess because it’s been something “imposed” all my life, this desire of THE ONE perfect match for me. I felt somewhat relieved when you met avril and considered polyamory (or didn’t take monogamy as the only possibility anymore). I felt also a bit sad/annoyed at the part when you say a female lover is easier. I completely understand this because I had this thought as well. My relationships with women and trans people all proved it wrong so far. and I feel somewhat relieved by it too. truly being able to meet somebody is not easy, and I think you have to acknowledge first you’re completely different beings before being able to relate and share closeness.

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