3 thoughts on “With mother

  1. Estoy frente a la chimenea. A penas acabo de vencer el trastorno enorme que supone para mí atravesar el otoño y por fin he iniciado la temporada de chimenea. El símbolo de que el otoño ha pasado. Con el invierno pasa mi infierno. La muerte está ahí, siempre cerca. Hay que aprovechar cada momento.

  2. death, violence, being dispossessed, stolen, far away, out of grasp, under this terrible weight. estranged. taken aback. this beautiful movement of the hand, lovingly touching the shoulder, a love sparkle, like a bubble of air coming out from the deep blue of the depth of this this asphyxiating ocean of grief. so tired. love life energy stolen, drowned. made me relate to the feeling of mourning, of loss. of grief made solid like my body turning to stone. petrified with horror anger sadness, rejecting death with my whole being. felt close to you, felt as if your images were coming to me like a dream, everything was more “felt” than seen.

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