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  1. Cuando pronuncias: depresión, soledad… lo haces con cierta tragedia y drama que me parece son prejuicios.
    Me pregunto porqué no buscas tú a las personas, tienes 2 hijas, has tenido varias parejas, seguramente tienes amigas.

    También noto una tendencia clara y repetitiva de llevarte a estos estados muy negativos, de baja frecuencia, quizás sería bueno indagar sobre otras maneras. Justo. respirar, caminar, hacer ejercicio, pensar en lo que sí te gusta.
    Para que cuando de verdad lleguen tiempos difíciles tengas más cuerpo, peso, fuerza para sobrellevar lo otro que es natural, es parte de la vida.

    Hay mucha contradicción en ti, demasiado juicio, demasiado pensamiento.

  2. Lonelyness is part of being human. On the other hand the need for community is as well. It is remarkable that you have a strong will to be honest in relationships and not to “surrender” to the need of community. Nevertheless I am not sure if this pursuit of personal or individual standing might not be an illusion that leads to a modern form of isolation and unrelatedness. There has to be a third way..

  3. Although I can feel something in this video and have a lot of empathy for CN, I do not really believe her. I can imagine that she was in a situation that made her feel lonely but I think her verbal reflection of this feeling seems to be exaggerated. Loneliness is a feeling that you do not normally express with words. This makes this video difficult for me. It seems to me that she acts – what she does as she would not express this feeling without the camera. Her smile at the end of the video underlines my impression although I like it in this video. It gives me some sort of hope.
    The black-white aesthetic is very beautiful, her face is very gentle and her eyes are black and deep in this video. The nudity of her body makes her vulnerable. It fits very well.

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