French with English subtitles

2 thoughts on “bancomatitis

  1. De estos pequeños momentos y recuerdos está hecha la vida.
    Más allá de cualquier dramatización que podamos hacer al respecto.
    Cuando podemos narrar episodios fugaces que se adhirieron a nuestra memoria, volvemos ser, viajamos en el tiempo.

    Me recuerda a los Video Diarios de Jonas Mekas, los cuales tuve la oportunidad de ver en una retrospectiva de su trabajo en la Ciudad de México.
    Pero estos me parecen más interesantes.

    ¿Has visto el trabajo de Jonathan Caouette, Tranation?

  2. This video is really strong. I like it a lot. I don’t know why CN speaks French in this video but it works perfectly. When she speaks of her “bancomatitis”, about her past relation to ATMs, she looks and speaks like a child. Her expression is so naïve and perfectly fits to the words. Her personal relation to money is fascinating and made me think of my father. Apropos, when she speaks about him and his way of shopping, I see in her face something proud. She can identify with him.
    At the end of the video I am not sure if it was necessary to say why she speaks about money in front of the camera. I think that her motivation to do this is the same in every video.

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