2 thoughts on “Escaping the pain

  1. Siento que te hace bien concentrarte en lo que tú misma puedes cambiar y lo que sí eres y ya eres. Ser menos juiciosa con los demás.
    También comentan por allí psicólogos, que si uno mismo cambia su frecuencia y decida estar bajo la óptica de lo que sí le gusta, detectar lo bello, aceptar lo bueno, es más fácil que encontraremos algo similar. pero que si estamos en la queja, resaltando la amargura, el dolor, lo que no nos gusta, lo que no queremos, será una tendencia fijarnos en esto, atraerlo y llamarlo.

  2. Again, CN speaks about others but actually speaks about herself. The others are the ones who escape the pain, but she is the one who deals with it. Right now, in front of the camera. I guess she knows that this is a generalization of everyone as she is reflecting on it and corrects herself. It hurts her because she chose the way to deal with her pain, because she was escaping her pain when she was younger. In this video I realize, again, that the self is just a product of others. How can you know who you are without having the others?
    I like the aesthetics of this video, although I was not sure if it was intended that the sound disappears at the end of the video.

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