4 thoughts on “Good-bye, Dad

  1. Wow this is the most powerful and eloquent statement you have made. I admire your clarity of thought and precision of words in expressing something so emotional and fundamental to your (previous) aspirations. I wish I were able to express my similar thoughts and feelings about how I transfer my mixed love and dislike for one of my parents.

    But how will you know that you have really said goodbye? I think you will. Strong ands intelligent woman that you are

  2. Al fin (casi) todos tenemos que decir “ADIOS” a nuestros padres, sean vivos o muertos, porque la mayoria de ellos no lograron a valorarnos como somos, a mirarnos con toda nuestra belleza y a confiar en que vamos a tomar el buen camino para nosotras. Y aunque anhelamos tanto por eso, un dia hay que decir “ADIOS, Mama, ADIOS, Papa, yo valoro a mi misma”. Gracias por hacer transparente ese proceso y compartir con nosotros!

  3. clarity. wisdom. awareness. tenderness. loving and strong. I am in awe.

  4. It seems to be very authentic how CN expresses her feelings and thoughts about her father. She seems to be angry, full of unexpressed emotions about this person. In the end of the video, saying good-bye to her father appears to be a huge relief for her.
    The light in the video is very bright, the face of the father shines and smiles from the back. It is sometimes irritating to hear these rejecting words, to hear her saying good-bye to her father while seeing this bright and smiling face in the back. One gets the visual impression that he is not a “bad” person but the verbal impression that he did something wrong, that he mistreated her. The viewer does not know what he exactly did and how he felt. This is an irritation in the video.
    That’s why I sometimes felt that her words a really harsh and sometimes even unfair as he cannot express his feelings and his view in this video. That gave me the impression that CN has a conflict with herself and that she has to solve it with herself. (I ask myself if I would have the same impressions if there would be a darker light and a more neutral expression of her fathers face.)

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